Electric Scooters

electric scooterThe move for a greener environment has been forcing car manufacturers to try out different energy source other than fossil fuels. Energy producing companies have now found new ways to harness energy from nature. From water, wind or the sun light, they collect energy and convert them into electricity. This electricity is now what powers some vehicles. In fact, electricity is now what powers some scooters.

These electric powered scooters do not save the environment any kind of pollution. In fact, they consume energy even when they do not need to. However, a self-powered scooter has got its benefits, especially for those who enjoy speed.

Electric Scooter

I am not referring to the scooters that resemble a small motorcycle. I am talking about the small scooters that children use to ride around the neighborhood with. There are now electric scooters that allow children and teenagers to speed through the pavements without having to push the ground.

A normal scooter works just like skateboards. Riders push themselves forward using their feet and steer their vehicle. With electric scooters, the batteries and the machine rotor will do the pushing for you. This means less sweat and more fun with speed and maneuvering.

The batteries of electric scooters offer the rider a few hours of effortless fun. Depending on the battery’s capacity, a scooter rider can experience approximately 10 to 13 hours of ride time. The maximum speed the scooter can reach will depend on its machine rotor. The acceleration can be controlled using the handle of the scooter. This definitely gives children and teenagers a motorcycle feel when riding this kind of scooters.

Another addition to the electricity powered scooters is the braking system. Old fashioned scooters had a braking system of its kind. A rider simply steps on the cover of the back wheel to slow down the scooter, or slow it down. However, with a machine rotor, this way of stopping is no longer enough. This is why most electric scooters have hand operated brakes to help with the stoppage.

Besides these modifications, an electric scooter is just like a normal scooter. The design, measurements and steering capabilities are all the same. The capability of pushing itself forward is the only significant change. It is a modification that most children are excited about.


The first benefit is that the rider will not get tired as easily. There is no need to exert energy through the leg. This means riding a scooter can go on for hours without stopping. Another advantage is that riders will not worry about sweating or getting smelly. They can ride their scooters comfortably to almost anywhere. They can ride their scooter to school and not worry about having to change to a new set of clothes.

Since the scooter will take care of the pushing, the rider can focus on the most important thing to his/her safety – maneuvering. It will be easier to focus and steer the scooter now that riders do not have to push at the same time. They can also allot more attention to breaking, another important factor to a rider’s safety. Eliminating the need to push forward gives the rider much more control over his/her scooter.

The speed is the next thing. Riders can now reach speeds without any trouble. Speed enthusiasts can experience long lasting fast speeds on their scooters without having to push so hard with their feet. These scooters are definitely perfect for children and teenagers who are speed enthusiasts.


Just like any outdoor sport, it is important to take safety precautions when riding a scooter. This means wearing helmets and all the padding required. Besides having the right equipment, knowing one’s capacity will also keep a scooter rider safe.

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